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Evolve: How To Build Your Leanest, Strongest Body At Any Age

October 21st

Don’t be frustrated any longer by not seeing your hard work pay off. Learn how to lose fat, build muscle and rock those results to be your most fabulous at any age!

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Important Question For Those Who Can’t Seem To Break Past That Plateau...
What’s The ONLY Difference Between People Who Achieve Their Ideal Physique And Those Who Are Stuck In A Fitness Rut?
If you guessed "they work out more", you’d be wrong...

If you guessed "they don't eat anything that tastes good", you’d be wrong...

If you guessed "it's probably their genetics", you’d be wrong...

And if you guessed "they have some magic supplement that I don't know about"…

…You’d still be oh-so-wrong.

Because here’s the truth…

Most people (especially women) who haven't hit their goals are stuck in a quicksand of hopelessness...

Maybe you find yourself second-guessing your routine, thinking, "something must not be right here."

Perhaps you've even started working out MORE, but your results seem to be getting worse.

It probably feels like you've already overcome hurdles to get to where you are today. 

You've created a routine...

You've educated yourself on nutrition...

And you've even motivated yourself to stay consistent. 

You feel like you have a solid foundation!

But that's precisely where the struggle begins.

Even with all of this effort reaching your goals feels like trying to climb a mountain during a mudslide.

It's time to step away from the endless cycle of frustration and find the real solution to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. 

Discover the missing link to your optimal health, body, and well-being and start rewriting your fitness journey today!
Don’t be frustrated any longer by not seeing your hard work pay off. Learn how to lose fat, build muscle and rock those results to be your most fabulous at any age!
You probably feel like if you even look at ice cream or a cookie now you gain weight.

So you adjust your workouts, adding in more cardio….

And you cut your calories as low as possible.

Boy, does that hanger stink!

But you've been told that a calorie deficit is key so the lower you can cut your calories the faster results should happen…right!?

But despite you trying to do everything that USED to work, NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

And you feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, trying to do more only to end up more and more frustrated.

And it’s because…
Nothing Works Forever...
Because success comes from meeting ourselves where we are at RIGHT NOW…not where we were even two months ago.

So if you’ve been frustrated working hard doing the same things that “used to work” to not see results building…

It’s time to EVOLVE.

And that’s why you’re here…reading this right now.

You’re an action taker.

You WANT the results you deserve.

So you’re willing to suck it up buttercup and make some hard changes, even if it means going against what you’ve always done.

You’re ready to eat more to lose fat.

To build that sexy toned lean muscle to be stronger and move better and LOOK leaner.

You’re ready to put in the work because you’ve always been a hard worker.

You just want that hard work to pay off!

You’re sick of feeling defeated because you've put in the work and it just feels like a waste. 

It’s been so frustrating you want to sit on the couch with the snacks piled around you as you think…

“What’s the point anyway?!”

But instead of doing any of that, you’re here to learn what YOU need to succeed.

And that’s why I’m excited to announce my first ever EVOLVE virtual event!
You Must Free Yourself From Three Big Lies If You Want Any Chance Of Hitting Your Goals...

Lie #1

"I can't hit my goals because of my age"
This mindset probably has you bouncing from one quick fix to the next, attempting to unlock the stubborn door to the perfect program.

Throw enough darts, and you’ll hit the bullseye, right?


Sadly, that’s not the answer.

So you start to think you're just doomed because of your age.

If nothing works, it must be you, right?

You start to think you just have to accept that getting older means gaining weight, losing muscle and feeling those aches and pains.

But the truth is, we don't need some magic program to see results at any age...

We just need to find something we can be consistent with. That creates the healthiest, happiest version of our lifestyle.

We can't just give up on a program when it doesn't pay off overnight!

There is no magic pill.

But there are strategies and systems we can create to build the results we deserve.

That's why I want to share our blueprint to results to get you feeling your most fabulous and seeing the results you deserve to define getting older on YOUR terms.

No gimmicks, no fads—just proven methods applied to match YOUR lifestyle.

Lie #2

"I can't lose weight because I'm going through menopause"
You can't stop menopause. You can't stop getting older.

But you can meet yourself where you are at to address what your body needs now.

This doesn't mean you have to do some crazy new workout routine or some complicated diet.

It doesn't even mean overhauling your entire lifestyle and daily routine.

Shedding those stubborn pounds that seemed to appear overnight around your middle is about optimizing your current habits into a streamlined, effective machine. 

It’s about being strategic with the changes you make, not just depriving yourself of the foods you love or killing yourself in the gym.

At its core, weight loss is a game of understanding human biology.

The crucial question is: How can you leverage the science of metabolism, nutrition and training in a realistic way to create a sustainable lifestyle?

Because knowing the science is great...but we have to use it to create a plan that is realistic for us!

That's why we're excited to show you how to fine-tune your lifestyle, rather than feeling like you're doing a complete overhaul. 

It's about optimizing what you already do for amazing results, not swapping it out for some crazy restrictive plan that burns you out!

Lie #3

"I don't have the willpower"
We often think a lack of willpower is to blame for us not seeing results.

"Oh they just have more self control and willpower than I do," we think...

But really, it isn't our willpower that is to blame.

It's our all or nothing approach to our diet and exercise routine that is sabotaging our success.

We're making changes in an unsustainable way and this ultimately backfires.

Because, at some point, you can't keep forcing yourself to do habits that don't fit your lifestyle...that you don't enjoy.

That's why it is key you create systems that truly fit YOU.

And that starts with not only understanding your goals, but what you personally need to succeed.

It means truly embracing that...ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL and that our needs will even change over time!
Ready To Cut Through The BS? It's Time To EVOLVE
We’ve all heard “One size doesn’t fit all.”

But it is even more than that…

Because even when we find what works for us NOW, that may change in the future as our lifestyle, needs, goals and body change.

So we need to understand how we can adjust when we need and set ourselves up for success even in the future.

That’s what this workshop is all about…

Learning how to create the recipe for results right for you so you can feel fabulous at any and EVERY age.

I want you to feel empowered to create your leanest, strongest body EVER while building a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Because we have to learn how to get all of those pillars of health, all of those systems, working together if we want the best results as fast as possible….and to see those results LAST.

That’s why in this workshop, not only will we address training techniques to achieve amazing body recomp but we will go over nutritional strategies to boost your metabolism, improve your energy and have you feeling your best.

We’ll debunk common diet and exercise myths and help you create the strategies and systems you need to reach your goals even with a crazy busy schedule and life always trying to get in the way!

The Ultimate 2-Day Virtual Experience

Prepare Yourself For A 2-Day Virtual Journey...

That Goes Beyond Typical Slide Presentations and Droning Lectures…

Instead, you'll feel empowered with the knowledge you need to create your leanest, strongest self.

You’ll have the roadmap and exact method I utilize consistently to transform bodies and lives, a method honed through years of experience and success.

(And the same method my clients have leveraged to feel their most fabulous!)

But this isn't just another motivational video you see online that leaves you wondering, "But ok, HOW?! What now?!" 

We’re unveiling every aspect, sharing every secret.

Every step, every component that makes this system work like a charm, will be laid out for you to implement.

It’s a crash course in achieving results and full action blueprint to success. 

You’ll be so excited with the strategies, you’ll be itching to get started the second you log off from the event.

Because with Evolve, you’re not just participating in an event - you’re taking action to achieve the results you deserve.

So, buckle up, because this is going to be an exciting and fun journey.
But Wait...Who The Heck Are You And Why Are You Telling Me All This?
Hi! I’m Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength

Listen, I’ve made all the mistakes. I’ve tried all of the crazy diets out there. I’ve cut out whole food groups, plummeted my calorie intake, and spent hours training in the gym doing cardio just to stare at the same number on the scale each morning…

I know the constant frustration, madness, and disappointment this roller-coaster brings.

That’s why I’ve taken what I’ve learned over the last 12+ years and developed a unique system that has transformed the lives of 10,000+ clients worldwide.

I help women like YOU become their leanest, strongest, and most confident selves at every age.

My training and nutrition system has been featured in Women’s Health, Shape, and Livestrong, and I was named one of the top 10 home workout programs by The Guardian.

I’ve helped women like you around the world, and now I want to give you the answers you’ve been searching for. 
Here's Exactly What You'll Get...
  • Live Event: 1 Day Of Live Training designed to give you the systems you need to finally reach your goals
  • Community: A live event community where you can chat and meet others on the same journey and ask questions of the coaches and dietitians
  • Bonuses: A digital workbook and resources to help you get started taking action RIGHT AWAY!
This Masterclass will show you the exact methods to accelerate your results and take them to the next level!

I've used these same methods month after month to help tens of thousands of woman achieve amazing results at any and EVERY age.

All You Need To Do Is Click The Button Below To Save Your Space Now!
Here's Some Of The Amazing Details We'll Cover During TheValue-Packed Day
  • Building Your Leanest Strongest Body At ANY Age - The best results happen when we learn how to meet ourselves where we are at. Over the lectures in the workshop you’ll learn how to better respond to your changing needs and goals through dietary and workout adjustments. You’ll learn the common pitfalls that sabotage our success and see those results snowball from constant evolution!
  • It's Not Goals - It's Systems - Goal setting only pays off if we actually take action. Using the STRONG system, we'll help you create the roadmap and systems you need to move forward. Learn how to create habits that will truly address what you need and get those results snowballing.
  • Unleashing Your Metabolic Power Through Nutrition - Feel like your metabolism is broken? Like losing weight has just gotten harder? Despite our best intentions, often our previous dieting practices have sabotaged our metabolic health. Learn to fuel to feel your most fabulous as we debunk those dietary myths about weight loss so you can unleash your metabolic power and become a fat burning machine!
  • Conquer Menopause By Building Muscle - Muscle is our secret weapon against getting older. And while menopause can make building and retaining lean muscle more challenging, there are specific training techniques to help you out. So if you’ve ever wondered, “How many reps? How many sets? What moves are best?” you’ll learn how to create workouts that truly work with these tips!
  • Empowerment Through Embracing Evolution - You are NOT alone. Learn from others who’ve gone through their own transformations, embracing the fact that nothing works forever. Evolving isn’t easy but here are the stories and perspectives of people just like you who found a way to move forward!
  • The Number #1 Reason You Don’t See Results - There’s one simple reason most of us don’t see results....but as simple as it is, it isn’t an easy thing to change. It’s because it’s OUR FAULT it keeps happening. We give up. Learn why you haven’t been able to stick with a plan in the past and how to shift your mindset to see the results you deserve!
  • The Hidden Culprits Sabotaging Your Success - Not seeing the results you feel you deserve? These surprising culprits may be to blame! Results really do snowball from those systems working together and if we aren’t seeing the progress we’d like, sometimes we have to take that closer look at our lifestyle! Learn more about these 6 common culprits that hold us back as we work hard to make habit changes to move forward!
So why do I need this RIGHT NOW?!
Have you ever heard the saying, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"?

Why waste another day on habits that are keeping you stuck when you can take the first step toward building the lifestyle you want NOW?!

Let me be real with you.


That means you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just wait for health and fitness to knock on your door; you’re lacing up your sneakers and sprinting toward a life of results.

This tells me we’re kindred spirits, cut from the same resilient fabric.

And we're determined to feel our most fabulous and not let age define us!

I’ve poured countless hours, and immense effort, into honing the formula for lasting results, not because I love the burn (well, maybe a little!), but because I believe in carving my own path to the results I want, just like you do.

Now, imagine this – I’ve done all the rigorous research, weathered the storms of trial and error, made all the stupid mistakes and have emerged with a roadmap to help get you the results you deserve...

And guess what? I’m ready to roll out this roadmap and guide you.

Are YOU ready? 

Ready to embark on this transformative journey and EVOLVE!?
BONUS: One Lucky Winner...
Anyone who purchases a ticket to the Evolve event is entered to win a custom 1:1 coaching program. 

You'll receive 16 weeks of intensive 1:1 coaching with an RS specialist paired with you based on your needs and goals. Training includes personalized workouts and nutritional programming, access to your coach through our app whenever you need, zoom calls, weekly educational classes with RS coaches and dietitians, and everything YOU need to rock those results and build the healthiest, happiest version of your personal lifestyle!

If you share the event you'll even receive bonus entries to the giveaway!

Evolve: How To Build Your Leanest, Strongest Body At Any Age

October 21st

Don’t be frustrated any longer by not seeing your hard work pay off. Learn how to lose fat, build muscle and rock those results to be your most fabulous at any age!

So What Now?! You can...
  • Do Nothing - Keep wanting something new and better without taking action to make a change. Basically, stay stuck and frustrated.
  • Try it by yourself- Keep throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping something sticks going at it alone trying to string things together from random posts and videos…taking one step forward to ultimately take 2 steps back.
  •  Accelerate your results and EVOLVE - Take a step back to learn what YOU need and dial in those fundamentals to see not only better results FASTER but finally be able to maintain your results long-term with a sustainable lifestyle.
The Answers To Your Questions
When is the event?
The event date is Saturday October 21st from 8 am until 4 pm PST (11am-7pm EST). The VIP Day is Sunday October 22nd from 8am - 12 pm PST ( (11am-3pm EST)
Where is the event?
The Evolve Workshop is a virtual event. You can attend from anywhere!
Can I ask questions?
There will be times for Q & A during the event and a chat available so you can ask questions as well!
What if I can't make it?
All tickets are non-refundable so make sure to clear your schedule beforehand. If you are worried about missing anything, there will be recordings available but they will only be available for a few days after.the event finishes
Is this really worth coming?
Listen - I totally get it. I'm extremely busy too, so the idea of attending a 2-day event sounds intimidating. But this isn't just about 'attending an event'.

It's about learning the exact strategy you can use to get the results you want for good. This will save you a ton of time and headaches! The time investment is worth it!
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